Klint Macro is a nationally recognized trainer, instructor, coach, founder of the Trigger Pressers Union and, most importantly, his family’s first responder.

Each year Klint trains, educates, and empowers hundreds of students and instructors all across the country. He is an I.C.E. Training Certified Defensive Firearms Coach, USCCA DSF Training Counselor, USCCA Senior CCHDF Training Counselor, NRA Training Counselor (all NRA disciplines), NRA Practical Pistol Coach, NMLRA Trainer, and certified instructor for other various national training organizations.

Klint is also the co-administrator of National Train A Teacher Day, co-host of the show “Meet The Pressers,” president of the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, 2nd Vice President of Firearms Owners Against Crime, and the voice of the L.A.S.R. software. Contact him through his website, www.triggerpressersunion.com.